Opal Tableware
Decorative Glass Tableware

Opal Tablewares

No more broken or chipped plates

Opal tableware gets exclusive thermal treatment that gives its mechanical resistance of up to three times more than non-tempered tableware products.

Friendly for dishwasher use.

Glasses and Opal plates withstand the wear and tear and retain their shine, brightness and decoration even after numerous cycles of dishwasher use. While economically feasible, the lightweight, easy to handle products are the best candidates of household use in all usage occasions.


Fine porcelain is a white, glassy, and durable material. A fine piece of porcelain is even-colored and blemish-free. Porcelain is a specific type of ceramic material. Its main ingredients are silica sand, feldspar, and Kaolin, a naturally occurring ore. Silica sand is a pure white powder substance. When feldspar and silica sand are added to elastic, naturally occurring clays, it allows the clay to be fired in the furnace at very high temperatures (1900 to 2300 degrees F). During this process the fired clay bonds with the other ingredients (the process called vitrification) creating a smooth finish of the surface along with mechanical durability of the ware.

The classic look of porcelain is the best candidate for all scope of household usage which provides beauty to any kitchen along with ease of use and durability.

Decorative Glass Tableware

Decorative table ware glass are products made of glass, designed for everyday use according to versatile tastes of the customers. From very early times glass has been used for various kinds of vessels, and hence they are produced in a great variety of forms with versatile decorative designs, giving them natural beauty pleasant in everyday use.


The versatile shapes of elegant glass products with special crystal cut effects provide elegant and brilliant look suitable for everyday use in all scope of household usage. The good quality of silica sand used in these products make them durable while its brilliance provide pleasant feeling and enjoyment. Durability, shininess, and  lightweightedness are important criterions of such products making them the best candidate for kitchen and home usage. The affordable pricing of glass wares are another important advantage of using these beautiful products in household use.