Our Story

Prime Source Enterprises is extension of the well reputed Company of Horizon Impex established in 2004 with the aim of distributing high quality opal tableware, glassware and porcelain products in meeting the needs of customers. Being in constant strive towards further design development, the company’s Innovative approach gears towards meeting different tastes of the customers. Due to prosperous outlook of our business activity, the company’s product portfolio has expanded to porcelain, table ware opal glass, decorative glass table ware, and glass wares.

Our Approach

Development, Innovation and attractive pricing are the major priorities of Prime Source Enterprises. Stepping into the second decade of distribution, we have the honor to declare that our unique Opal, Glassware and Porcelain products compete against well-established European products in quality, elegance and variation of shapes and design in satisfying needs of the customers. The major advantage of our product portfolio is its attractive pricing making marketing of our supplies well suitable for all scope of customers’ budgets. It is our honor to declare that all distributed products are green and eco-friendly products with no harm to environment.